Six Zestee portable blenders in a row filled with variety fruit, nuts, seedsThree Zestee blenders filled with fruit and a filled ice tray overhead view

Blend fresh smoothies, shakes, baby food and cocktails anywhere

Zestee Portable Blender

Compact, cordless & USB rechargeable.
Zestee blends up your fresh creations
in 45 seconds.

Zestee Portable Blender

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Cordless convenience. Compact, lightweight & fits easily into your bag.


Lasts for 20 blends & recharges quickly. Water resistant USB-C charging port.

Effortless to clean

Just add water, dishwashing liquid & blend. Rinse & you're ready to go.

Zestee goes where you go

Use it while at home, take it outdoors, bring it to the office, in the gym, at the beach or wherever and whenever you need it.

Man holding stainless steel and white Zestee portable blenders filled with fruits
Zestee blender pouring blended green pesto on pasta
Let your blended creations run wild

Zestee can blend frozen fruit, ice, leafy greens, nuts, powders and more.

Perfect for smoothies, protein shakes, baby food, pesto, salad dressings & cocktails.

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