Why You Can't Live Without a Zestee Portable Blender

Why You Can't Live Without a Zestee Portable Blender

If you're the type of person who constantly misses breakfast, or is always running out the door, then you may have already considered purchasing a portable blender. However there are a raft of other reasons why we all need a portable blender in our lives (not just the breakfast skippers!).

At first a travel blender may have seemed too good to be true. However our convenient, portable, USB rechargeable personal blender exists and you’re going to need one. Your outdoor movie night, picnic, family BBQ or sunny beach day just got a whole lot better with juicy smoothies, packed protein shakes, fresh juice blends or even baby food and salad dressings. Just pack the ingredients you want, create on the go by blending everything together and you're done!

So let’s dive into the reasons why you need a Zestee portable blender!


Trying to tone up for summer? Or perhaps increase your muscle mass? Skipping meals or eating the wrong foods for your goals can really swerve you off track. Having a good quality portable blender like Zestee helps you achieve your goals and not lose sight of them. Whether that’s preparing a protein packed post-workout smoothie, a meal replacement shake or a dressing for your salad, you can count on Zestee to keep you on track. Take Zestee to the gym, the office, on hikes, to the beach or even on your overseas trip and help kick those excuses out the door!

Female in a kitchen holding a white Zestee mixing strawberries and bananas


With a portable blender like Zestee, you don’t have to worry about losing precious kitchen space. About the size of a 750ml drink bottle, your Zestee can be stored away in a small cupboard, drawer or even in your car or gym bag if your heart desires! Being a portable blender, your Zestee can be used both at home and on-the-go and you’ll have your meal or snack ready at the click of a button, whilst also keeping your kitchen tidy and clutter free. Did we also mention that you can make cocktails in your Zestee? Impressing your next dinner guests won’t be so hard after all…


This feature is for the early risers. The ones who have to tiptoe around their house, just to make sure they won’t wake anyone. Our blenders are built with a premium borosilicate glass cup, it helps to lessen the noise and ensure your blending won’t interrupt any peaceful sleepers. With minimal blending sounds, this portable blender is also perfect for the office or any destination that requires no disturbance!


Getting kids to eat more fruits and vegetables can be a pain in the…neck, and something that many parents struggle with on a daily basis. By having a portable blender in your tool kit, you’ll be able to whip up soups and smoothies with all the greens, reds and oranges you dream of without your kids knowing a thing! Your Zestee can even be used to make quick, easy and nutritious baby food purees. Say no more!


Your Zestee portable blender is the best blender for making food and drinks both at home and on the go. But you’re probably wondering where in the world you can take your Zestee? Well, buckle up, because there’s a lot of them! At home, the gym, traveling, at work, at the beach, on your hike, at a family picnic, on a boat, in your helicopter, the list is ENDLESS.

Zestee also comes with a USB port and cable, which means you can charge it anywhere, at any time! Charge it in your car, via your laptop or through a powerpoint. So next time you're heading out for the day, grab some fruits and your Zestee and you’re ready for your next 3 o'clock snack! 

 Holding Zestee blender mixing orange juice